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About Us

I will say, there’s nothing more exhilarating (and terrifying) then telling your husband you think God’s urging you to stop working. With the potential of working more hours while receiving less consistent income, his first thoughts weren’t, “That’s a great idea, Anna!” But with some more prayer and a lot of discussion, we came to the conclusion that it’s what I’m meant to try at this season of my life. 

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Our Manifesto

At Illumination Custom Designs, we celebrate the inspiration God gives through helping others express their inner joy. Some creatives do this with words, others through music; and we do this through the art of sign-making. 

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How It All Started...

In 2018, with the amazing support of my husband, Walker, we started making any and all signs using some wood, a little job-site table saw, paint, and a Cricut machine. Walker believed in my dream far before I did...or rather, he was just tired of hearing me say, "I could do that!" as I scrolled through Pinterest. So he surprised me a Cricut machine for Valentine's Day, with the Amazon points he had been saving, and that's how our tiny little business was born. 

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