What to Expect Through Our Online Store


So here's the scoop on how we plan on running the website so you know what to expect. 

I'm thrilled to offer different collections that will feature some festive pieces to mark the changes of the seasons as well as a few of our favorite bible verses that have spoken to my heart. I love creating collections which will stand the test of time. I want the signs you hang to be the ones your kids remember you putting out during the holidays every year or the ones they remember being propped up against the backsplash in the kitchen each Spring.  

Like most people, I'm intrigued by things I can't have. However, sometimes that means just not getting things when they're not juuuuuuust what I wanted. With our semi-custom collection, you get to have your cake and eat it too. With some built-in presets, you can express your creativity for a friend's baby shower or a family member's birthday gift. If you don't have a creative bone in your body but you want to feel creative, this is the option for you.

Up until now, everything I've churned out has pretty much been fully-custom, which is great for you but a bit demanding on my end. Going forward, for my sanity and thus my family's, I will be taking custom sign orders periodically through the year. I will still complete the custom orders on my list but I will soon have fully-custom launch dates throughout 2021 that will allow you to provide a down payment for a design.

Finally, we've added a section called DIY Sign Kits to our site that we're MOST excited for because we want to spread a little joy and encourage connection among your family and friends. We believe we were created to be in community with one another, so we designed these kits to be a way of creating memories and inspiration you may otherwise not have had.  



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