How It All Started...


Having started with a bit of creativity, my husband's woodworking hobby, and a passion for chic decor, Illumination started as a way to stretch my brain creatively.

It's grown into a desire to inspire and be inspired by those seeking to make the inside of their homes reflect what's in their heart, and who really like to have a little fun with it.

As a wife, momma, believer, and designer, I wear a lot of hats. The hat I've always loved is my creative one. In school, I had a keen grasp of taking data and creatively presenting it. I also stretched my creative wings through music starting at age 5 when I learned to play the piano. I played the flute in concert and marching band from 5th grade on through college but it took me 6 years, 3 jobs, and 2 kids later before I realized I was meant to use my creativity for something more.

In 2018, with the amazing support of my husband, Walker, we started making any and all signs using wood, a little job-site table saw, paint, and a Cricut machine. Walker believed in my dream far before I did...or rather, he was just tired of hearing me say, "I could do that!" as I scrolled through Pinterest. So, he surprised me a Cricut machine for Valentine's Day with the Amazon points he had been saving. That's how our tiny little business was born.

This company has now been my "side hustle" for 2.5 years and has grown to be bigger than I had ever anticipated.  When COVID hit my full-time job furloughed me for 3 mos. and it was the first time since we started that my side-gig became my main gig! It was extremely scary at first to feel like these decisions were being made for me but NOW I can't imagine things being any other way. This adventure has given me the courage to take a risk and launch my very own website. 

With a lot of prayer and a village of people to help me along, I'm excited to get to expand to opening my website. It's been a long time coming but has also been essential for me to learn how to listen to God in where He wants me.

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