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Irish Rainbow
Irish Rainbow
Irish Rainbow
Irish Rainbow
Irish Rainbow

Irish Rainbow

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Fill your dreary end-of-winter days with something fun! Whether you choose to purchase a pre-made sign or choose to let your inner creative flow with your own color pallet, these rainbow rounds are one of our favorite so far. 

Perfect in a kiddo's room, for an impromptu get together, or a craft during e-learning breaks. Don't forget to post a picture of the finished result tag us on social media for 10% off your next order! 

For the DIY option, each kit comes with all of the pieces pre-cut and ready for your creative touch. Inside each box will include a "how-to" QR code with some suggestions on additional materials, color combinations and alternate design options.   

+   Some assembly is required when you purchase the DIY kit. 

+   Signs are cut, sanded, and painted/stained by hand using various woods.

+   3D Lettering.

+   Comes with hanger appropriate for the size of each item.

+   Each sign is unique and hand crafted so there will be minor variations and imperfections in the wood.

+   No refunds, No returns, No exchanges. All items are made to order and are final sale with the exception of obvious defects.

+   DISCLAIMER: Illumination Custom Designs is not responsible for any damages done after the items are shipped.