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Fully-Custom FAQ's

Some of our most popular projects start with your imagination! 

How does the design process work?

After taking care of the consultation deposit, you'll not only hold your place in line but we'll also reach out within 48 hours to start discussing details. 

How much does a custom sign cost?

Final pricing varies based upon size, intricacy of design, and materials required for completion. Below you will find the base pricing models for various sizes. Additionally, the below pricing is based on the cost of signs being created for indoor use, not outdoor use. Please inquire about pricing further through illuminationcustom@gmail.com for outdoor sign pricing.

SMALL = 12x21" ; $100+
MEDIUM = 16x26" ; $140+
LARGE = 24x36" ; $250+
X-LARGE = 24x48" ; $365+


SMALL = 12x12" ; $90+
MEDIUM = 16x16" ; $140+
LARGE = 20x20" ; $160+
X-LARGE = 24x24" ; $200+


SMALL = 12" ; $95+
MEDIUM = 16" ; $130+
LARGE = 18" ; $150+
X-LARGE = 24" ; $170+

How many times can I edit the design?

You will receive three digital design proofs and three separate opportunities to edit the design. Once you fall in love and give us the big thumbs up, we will start production! 

How long does production usually take?

Turnaround time on a custom sign is approximately 6 weeks from the finalization of your proof. If you've purchased RUSH processing, you can expect production to be closer to 2 weeks.

Do you offer shipping on custom signs?

YES! However at this time we're only offering local pickup for ANY signs over 24".

Read the below information or CLICK HERE to purchase your custom design.